Our Products

  • Croissant with hazelnut praline
    Classic and much loved, with fluffy dough and filled with rich hazelnut praline, our croissant is the perfect snack to enjoy at any time.
  • Orange cake (single pack)
    A slice of cake is what you're looking for when you want something light but at the same time sweet in your day. Enjoy a fluffy and soft slice of cake with a wonderful flavor thanks to orange juice.
  • Tsoureki with Chios mastic
    Our tsoureki is made following the traditional recipe: we mix our dough with eggs, milk butter, machete and Chios mastic extract, creating a highly chewy and aromatic dough. Then, after resting our dough for a while, we braid our tsourekia one by one by hand. Taste its strong aromas and enjoy it with your coffee or any other hot drink.

Our History

60 years of family tradition

This is the story of Stergiou Family. A story that began with Georgios Stergiou, and continues to this day with the same passion and respect for quality as back then.

Snacks for any moment

  • Lunch break in the office

    Lunch break in the office

    As we spend many hours at work, we definitely need at least one meal in between to give us energy! At "Stergiou Family" the choices are many!

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  • Snacks in a balanced diet

    Snacks in a balanced diet

    Many people try to avoid snacking because they think it's unhealthy or because they think it might increase their their body weight. What is really going on? Article by Tonia Kouka, Nutritionist - Dietitian

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  • Ideas for Sunday Breakfast

    Ideas for Sunday Breakfast

    For many of us, our favourite time of the week is Sunday morning. When the whole family gathers around the table, it is the ideal time to prepare a special breakfast, relax all together and create beautiful memories.

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  • Party buffet

    Party buffet

    Parties are a chance for beautiful moments with our friends and certainly not a chance to spend more hours in the kitchen. So, we hereby propose ideas for the party’s buffet that will amaze the guests and will leave you time to enjoy every moment of your event.  


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  • Vegan choices for all

    Vegan choices for all

    The number of people that follow a vegan diet is constantly increasing. The vegan diet is based on not eating meat and other products of animal origin.

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  • For School

    For School

    Το κολατσιό για το σχολείο μόνο εύκολη υπόθεση δεν είναι! Στην σχολική ηλικία εμπεδώνονται οι σωστές διατροφικές συνήθειες έτσι λοιπόν πρέπει να επιλέγουμε προσεχτικά το σνακ των παιδιών μας.

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  • Snacking on the go

    Snacking on the go

    Those who spend long hours on the road because of their work or education have surely been faced with the question "what should I eat now?"

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  • Snacks for any moment

    Snacks for any moment

    The strong desire to eat a certain food is called craving. Learn below how to deal with it effectively From the nutritionist - dietician, Tonia Kouka

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  • 3 Nutritional Myths

    3 Nutritional Myths

    Are carbs fattening? Is gluten harmful? are proteins bad?
    Read the following article by Nutritionist Tonia Kouka about the most common nutritional myths

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